Life is like the surf, so give yourself away like the sea

1. Y Tu Mama Tambien, 2001

2. Written by: Alfonso Cuaron and Carlos Cuaron – Directed by: Alfonso Cuaron – Produced by: Alfonso Cuaron and Jorge Vergara – Distributed by: IFC Films (In the United States) and 20th Century Fox (in Mexico)

3. I first viewed this film in High School, on DVD… though I’ve revisited it many times over the years.

4. Target Audience: This is a beautiful film that will appeal to fans of foreign cinema. However, it should be noted that the film deals heavily with graphic sexuality, at least in terms of what Americans are used to. The film was released without a rating, in the states, as to avoid the taboo NC-17 stamp. In terms of DVD, there exist two versions of the film… the original unrated version as well as a tamed down R rated version. Personally, after viewing both versions, I would advise audiences to cast ideals of sexuality and how it is portrayed in the movies aside, and opt for the unrated version as the watered down version lacks several pertinent scenes which help to establish the plot of the film.

5. While the film was originally distributed, in Mexico, by 20th Century Fox, one of the six major film studios, when it came to the American release, the film was distributed by IFC Films, a company which focuses on independent films/documentaries. Y Tu Mama Tambien, by Mexican film standards, was in no way an independent film, but rather a feature with a decently heavy budget. However, by American standards, this film easily classifies as independent, mostly due to the controversial and unabashed depiction sexuality explored in the film.

6. Film Description: Abandoned by their girlfriends for the summer, teens Tenoch and Julio decide to have an adventure of their own. After meeting Luisa, a mysteriously beautiful late 20-something, at a family wedding, the boys decide that they will embark on a road trip in search of  a beautiful, secretive, and ultimately fictional beach. Hoping to impress Luisa, they invite her along, and as she is desperate to escape Mexico City, she accepts. Along the way, seduction, lust, argument and the contrast of the trio against the harsh realities of the poverty that surrounds them, ensure. What unfolds is an exploration, of themselves, both sexually and mentally.

7. Technical Considerations: The king of capturing picturesque landscape views, Cuaron paints a beautiful image of the Mexican countryside in this impeccably visual film. Through his meticulous attention to detail, Cuaron is able to convey the trials and tribulations of every day life, amongst city-folk and country-folk, alike. Color-wise, the film almost has a vintage feel to it, but never-the-less, the images jump off the screen, reinforcing the beauty that surrounds the main characters. A truly beautiful film, both in terms of visuals and plot.


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